The BMW Connected application takes navigation to another dimension

BMW smart connection system

The BMW Connected application is now available for smart phone or smart watch in Spain. This platform, which we met in the BMW Innovation Days 2017 wirelessly, links our mobile devices with the vehicle, allowing executing orders on the car from our device. BMW Connected recognizes information such as addresses, calendar entries or data from other apps that are then used in the vehicle’s navigator.

The methodology for using the BMW Connected application is quite simple and intuitive. After creating an account and registering on BMW Connected Drive, the user can open a profile on BMW Connected. From that moment, the application recognizes relevant information for mobility as addresses and arrival times (through entries in the calendar) and reports the best time of departure based on traffic information received in real time.

BMW Connected also collects data from other applications of our device for car navigation. The platform offers the “personal destinations learned” feature that recognizes the sites you have traveled to and automatically stores them as favorite destinations. In addition, BMW Connected recognizes mobility patterns, such as the daily journey from work to home. In case there are traffic conditions that delay the time of arrival, the system proposes an alternative route with the earliest arrival time.

On the other hand, the BMW Connected application allows you to send and execute orders on the vehicle. Among the available functions are the locking and unlocking of the doors, activation of the lights, and use of the horn or the air conditioning of the car. These actions vary by model and can be done from any distance.

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