The BMW Connected application takes navigation to another dimension

The BMW Connected application is now available for smart phone or smart watch in Spain. This platform, which we met in the BMW Innovation Days 2017 wirelessly, links our mobile devices with the vehicle, allowing executing orders on the car from our device. BMW Connected recognizes information such as addresses, calendar entries or data from other apps that are then used in the vehicle’s navigator.

The methodology for using the BMW Connected application is quite simple and intuitive. After creating an account and registering on BMW Connected Drive, the user can open a profile on BMW Connected. From that moment, the application recognizes relevant information for mobility as addresses and arrival times (through entries in the calendar) and reports the best time of departure based on traffic information received in real time.

BMW Connected also collects data from other applications of our device for car navigation. The platform offers the “personal destinations learned” feature that recognizes the sites you have traveled to and automatically stores them as favorite destinations. In addition, BMW Connected recognizes mobility patterns, such as the daily journey from work to home. In case there are traffic conditions that delay the time of arrival, the system proposes an alternative route with the earliest arrival time.

On the other hand, the BMW Connected application allows you to send and execute orders on the vehicle. Among the available functions are the locking and unlocking of the doors, activation of the lights, and use of the horn or the air conditioning of the car. These actions vary by model and can be done from any distance.

The BMW 5 Series Touring with the M Performance package

One of the star models of the Munich brand in the past Geneva Motor Show was the BMW 5 Series Touring 2017, the model that completes the range of the Series 5. It is a large family car but does not renounce the dynamic behavior of the Always show the vehicles of the brand.

And what better way to show it than with the BMW 540i xDrive touring with a complete M Performance package. The BMW 5 Series Touring gains a body kit that gives it a more aggressive look including front bumper complements made of carbon fiber along with a rear diffuser, which can have its lower section in that material or polyurethane mime.

There are also heel heels, carbon fiber exterior mirrors, black kidney grill. The air intakes also have some changes to make them look sportier and there are a few stickers and badges that highlight the origin. The BMW M department has just peppered this sporty “salad” with 20-inch Orbit Gray alloy wheels, with 245/35 R20 tires on the front axle and 275/30 R20 tires on the rear.

Once in the cabin, the highlight is the M Performance steering wheel in Alcantara, which on models equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission will have cams behind it to manually change gears.

But they are not all aesthetic additives. In this BMW 540i xDrive touring, you can count on an optional power kit for the 3.0-liter turbocharged engine. It adds 34 CV of force (25 kW) and 50 Nm of torque, reaching 360 CV of power (265 kW) and 500 Nm of torque. In addition to gaining muscle, the brand promises that the engine will have a better response and a more aggressive exhaust sound.

This optional M Performance exhaust system is available not only for the 540i xDrive, but also for the 530i and even for diesel engines like the 520d and 530d. Regardless of the model, the exhaust comes with a stainless steel sports silencer and generates a more powerful tone. The Intersession also the improved it’s braking system.

All these “goodies” will be available from the first day the new 5 Series touring begins to be marketed.